HOLOGATE offers a multiplayer virtual reality attraction that delivers advanced graphic technology in a small footprint. This high-end turnkey system is easy to operate and perfectly integrates with family entertainment centres, cinemas and any other location that wants to upgrade with the latest immersive technology.

With more than 150 units sold within the last 6 month and the majority of them already installed HOLOGATE is the fastest growing VR system in history and the worldwide market leader with compact VR platforms.

Take your friends on an exhilarating adventure in a new reality and experience this fascinating world together. Fight robots, dragons and zombies, throw a virtual snow ball or bond together and try to escape a sinking submarine. Step inside our high-end system and you will forget about pixels and technology as soon as you put on the headset. The intense graphics on the 90fps headset make every motion feel real; no lagging, no buffering, and no motion sickness.

The HOLOGATE frequently updates with the latest content. Play together as a team or challenge your friends in a Player vs Player competitive match. Our exclusive multiplayer games are easy to learn and hard to master. The modular components and future proof upgrade options allow to continuously keep the platform state of the art.



Playing in the HOLOGATE is active and physically engaging. Our games are timed for 5-10 minute gameplay, the ideal and most preferred time for a multiplayer virtual reality experience. Guaranteeing high customer throughput and satisfaction.


High-end VR headsets, premium content and our core technology guarantee the absolute best virtual reality experience available today. No customer will go home feeling sick or dizzy.



“We believe virtual reality is becoming an essential part of the attraction mix for any FEC, regardless of the size. We chose Hologate because it is a great experience. It was very easy to install and did not require a room or walls around it to work. We liked that people around the game can see what the players are doing and how they are interacting with the game. The experience sells itself. It is priced correctly so all facilities of any size can afford to buy it. We installed the attraction the day after IAAPA ended and immediately it was a hit. Guests continue to rave about the experience.”

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games
Orlando, FL


“Playing Hologate at IAAPA 2017 cemented our feelings about VR. We had found someone who provided us with a VR attraction that checked all boxes we had on our list. Overall it was easy for us to choose Hologate…We knew that not only were we choosing a quality VR attraction, but we were choosing a company that has proven support for us. It’s easy to purchase something, [but] it’s a whole other issue when you cannot get the support you need for it. We are absolutely happy with our Hologate. We have had consistent lines and it has created immense excitement for our customers.  The earnings have been fantastic.”

Putt-Putt Funhouse
Webster, TX

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5 days ago


Have you played ZOMBYTE yet?

🧟‍♂ZOMBYTE is coming to HOLOGATE
Play this game soon at one of our
200+ worldwide locations opening this year
For details and location map visit

☠️2149 A.D. ZOMBYTE - a killer computer virus goes viral. It turns machines, cyborgs and humans with enhanced neural interfaces into zombies. Are you brave enough to join the Z.W.A.T. - Zombie Weapons And Tactics team? Gear up with our latest VR-tech and take the fight back as a Z-Drone pilot.
Enlist at HOLOGATE and help save the world: join our first public and massive strike at #GAMESCOM

ASUS ROG and Teamspeak booth - Gamescom Hall 7
ASUS Republic of Gamers TeamSpeak gamescom
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7 days ago


It’s HOLOWEEN !!! Awesome job getting the HOLOGATE ready for Zombie season Xtreme XD Virtual Reality ... See MoreSee Less


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Das wird ein fest 😀

2 weeks ago


A gracious thank you goes out to VR Bound, VR Awards, and the esteemed group of judges (awards.vrbound.com/judges/) for their kind consideration in nominating HOLOGATE as a finalist for the 'Out of Home VR Entertainment' award.

Below is a trailer showcasing all of the nominees and the event is taking place in London on October 16, 2018!


#VRAwards #VRBound #VirtualReality #VR Kelly Wright Gerben Van Amstel Daniel Colaianni

VR Awards
Our nominees for Out of Home VR Entertainment take advantage of larger physical spaces and technology not available in the average home to create a more accessible avenue to explore VR. Here are our nominees: bit.ly/2OgFV6H

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire by Ilmxlab and the VOID Figment Productions Framestore BackLight Neurogaming HOLOGATE Koliseum Soccer VR
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Congratulations Leif!

3 weeks ago


Nice shots of HOLOGATE at Two Bit Circus Downtown Los Angeles! Give it a go if you are in town...

www.facebook.com/385041081565004/posts/1858994307503000/Step right up to experience the fascinating multiplayer #VR world created by HOLOGATE. #TwoBitCircus is the only place in LA with #Hologate! twobitcircus.com/shows/hologate
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